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2007-11-29 19:11:29 by Sugggames

After taking a bit of a break from flash and web programming, I got back together with some good friends of mine and started up a game review website. It's pretty bare bones at the moment, but I've mostly been focusing on back end at this point. If you are interested in games, come check it out! feel free to comment here or to email me directly. The site is here.



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2007-11-29 21:23:25

Nice PHP layout! I'm trying to use a cool GET database like that for my site too.


2007-11-29 23:31:27

Sounds Awesome, I was considering make a video review site, never got around to it, and I can't make site design worth shit. :P


2007-11-30 00:06:55

Nice site. It definitely needs work but I am happy that you did away with the all to common decimal points, and just went out of 100.


2007-11-30 04:20:43

hay i checked out your reviews on that website they were pretty good. the only criticism i can give is the presentation was a bit bland, i know it takes to long to make a video like those made by the AVGN but...well... i dunno. the information is exellent it just gets boring looking at the same background all the time. well thats all i have to say :D

yours truely, an interested someone


2007-11-30 18:18:44 so yeah :P


2007-11-30 23:05:22

looks pretty cool. I like the design, with plain text and small banners, it makes it easier to focus on what I'm reading. You might consider doing a dark background though to make it feel more warm and not so cold and empty, although it would take away from the banners and make them less recognizable. maybe if you had a gray background with gradients and lighter banners.

if you need a graphic designer or another writer, let me know. I have some of my own reviews on my website


2009-10-01 20:18:27

i miss you


2010-07-23 04:42:16

Good Job! Your site is out of sale. You need to host it.